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KOSHELEV-PROJECT in Kaluga is a young, cozy and well-maintained micro-district built in a developing part of the city.

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KOSHELEV-PROJECT is a comfortable and convenient urban environment, where the engineers have taken into account everything necessary for a happy and active lifestyle for modern people

The right bank of the Oka River is considered to be one of the most beautiful ecological clean environments in developing areas of Kaluga. KOSHELEV-PROJECT, with more than 30 thousand people already living, was one of the first to grow here.

Our project envisages not only the construction of affordable and high-quality housing in a short period of time, we also organize a well-developed social infrastructure. There is everything needed for a comfortable life here: a city clinic, a post office, a local church, and dozens of shops. Soon, a large shopping mall and new modern recreational areas will be built.

In 2016, for the first time in 20 years, a school was built in the district, where 1,360 children are attending now. The school has spacious classrooms with the most modern equipment, two swimming pools, medical centers, two spacious gyms, and a large assembly hall where school events take place.

There are currently three kindergartens in the KOSHELEV-PROJECT micro-district: Korablik, Akvarel and Mechta. Each kindergarten has a capacity of 350 children.

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